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Cosmic Wire is a multi-tiered, funded, and fully enclosed label, distributor, production suite (Writing to Master), and marketing firm with in-house legal representation. We are a one-stop shop for total media immersion in any format or genre.

We develop projects from the ground up, and take them to market in fully visualized entrenched guerrilla marketing to create solvency through catalysts within the partnership network that is Cosmic Wire…

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We sign, produce, and represent Artists, Labels, Producers, Musicians, Composers, Brands, Corporations, Authors, Athletes, Pod Casters, Thinkers, and Game Changers. We are Cosmic Wire.


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Jerad Finck

Partner, Creative Director, Overall Strategy.

professionally known as BLAZAR, is currently signed as the artist BLAZAR to AntiFragile Music (INgrooves/Universal) under the legendary Tom Sarig, and published by Sarig Songs (Kobalt Publishing). Jerad has had 3 top 40 records thus far, with his last single debuting on Billboard selling 60,000 copies in it’s first few weeks, was the grand prize winner of the USA Songwriting Contest (Previous winners Megan Trainor, and American Authors), and Produces and releases music Professionally under the Moniker BLAZAR. Jerad behind the scenes spent years working A&R and Marketing oversight for several labels Major and Indie, and currently oversees the marketing of several stables of artists on various labels. Jerad is also a known ghostwriter/producer working with the now outed and public BLAZAR and DAXSEN collaborations. BLAZAR collaborates and/ or produces every act that comes through Cosmic Wire.

BJ Klock

Partner, Network Director, Growth Acceleration/ Hacking, Overall Strategy.

 the CEO and owner of Advisight who has partnered with Cosmic Wire to unite the marketing prowess of the Cosmic Wire team with the Network potential and growth hacking secrets proprietary to Advisight. Advisight’s network reach is 500 million and internalized exclusively through the Wire.

He’s helped entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, corporate brands, and businesses up their social media marketing game. BJ was ranked as one of the world’s best entrepreneurs by Success Magazine and Forbes’ 30 Under 30. BJ is a growth expert and is directly responsible for building entire brands and accounts around celebrities and influencers alike.


Los Angeles, CA


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